Family Pictures at the Riparian Preserve

Sometimes picking a location for family pictures is harder than figuring out what you want to wear for said pictures! One thing I have found since living in Arizona, there are SO many different looking locations within close range of each other!

This cute family decided to get their updated pictures taken in Gilbert at the Riparian Preserve! Looking at this picture you might not guess we are in Arizona. But not far from this spot there is a beautiful garden of saguaro cactus.

I was so surprised when Brandy contacted me and wanted family pictures in Arizona in AUGUST!!! For those of you that don’t already know…Arizona is HOT in August. It ended up being overcast this day but these guys were real champs! They did amazing and it was only 107 degrees out! haha!

During their session I made sure to get individual pictures of this kids and lots of different group shots. I always try to get posed as well as candid shots. I feel like it provides an awesome variety to the gallery. And give mom lots of options for prints!

Can you believe all the different scenery the Riparian Preserve has to offer?!?

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