Pink Weddings

When it comes to choosing wedding colors I feel like my brides say one of two things.. either A) I’ve always wanted to have my wedding colors be ______. Or B) I had no idea what I wanted so I just searched Pinterest until I found something I liked.

I seriously wish that Pinterest would have been around when I got married. I feel like it helps with so much when it comes to wedding planning and picking a color palette. Once you’ve picked the colors you love you can turn to Pinterest for SO many ideas.

I feel like a popular, yet timeless color is soft pink. More and more of my brides are using blush, mauve and soft pink tones. There are so many options when it comes to the pink family!

I absolutely love the different pinks in this bouquet! They pair perfectly with the whites and greenery.
One of my favorite things is having the bridesmaids in the same color palette but in a dress that is their style. I think it adds amazing texture and variety to pictures.

The combination of the naked cake with pink drip is absolute perfection!

It is amazing how many flowers come in shades of pink and the magic that florists create. I have seen so many truly incredible pink bouquets. I’ll post some of my favorites below.

Some brides don’t like to use “trendy” or “popular” colors for their wedding. Obviously that is their choice. But, I think you might be surprised at how different the pinks can look! Every bride has her own vision and I love to see it come to life on the Wedding Day.

Three different brides, one color scheme, three VERY different looks!

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