a fun-loving, makeup obsessed, passionate Photographer 
based in Arizona but I never say no to travel!

I'm Kirstin! 

It's hard to say when I actually started photography. My love for pictures runs deep. As a child I remember asking for cameras for Christmas and my birthday (back in the days of film) I would save up my money so that I could get those rolls developed! Maybe that is why I am such a believer in ACTUALLY printing your photos! When I first got married my husband bought me a nice camera and I was in heaven. I bought a "teach yourself photography" course from Jane.com and tried to learn to shoot using Manual Mode. For several years I just took pictures of whatever I could. I never edited anything but I printed almost everything! Fast forward a few years...I graduated from Cosmetology school and wasn't sure what to do next. Then one of my best friends reached out to me and asked if I would want to be her associate for her already well established company. DREAM. COME. TRUE. For a couple years I worked with Brennan. A couple cross country moves and life changes later One Three Artistry was born. There are actually several meanings behind my business name...
1- One Woman, Three Services
2- 13 was my college basketball number
3- well you're gonna need to book a session to find out!
You guys, I can't even begin to express how much I love what I do. Meeting new people and learning about their story makes me smile! I love connection. I love LOVE. And I love documenting LOVE even more! 
I am also a mom to FOUR kids, most days I don't believe I'm even old enough to have that many kids! We love to go on hikes and bike rides. And now that we are in Arizona they are trying to convince me that a trip to Disneyland is in order. I have a strange obsession with Law and Order/crime shows. Maybe in my next life I'll be a detective. HaHa!