Burgundy Bridal Bouquets

You’ve picked your wedding date, you’ve picked your venue, and you’ve picked your wedding colors! Now that several of the big things are out of the way you get to focus on some of the more fun details!

One of the first things that most of my brides pick are their flowers! It is amazing how each bridal bouquet is so different and so perfectly suited for each bride.

I feel like burgundy is a classic and timeless color option. And I personally think that it can work year round. I would suggest meeting with your florist and discussing which flowers are in season when you are getting married. Out of season flowers can be VERY pricey and almost impossible to find!

I have had multiple brides choose burgundy bridal bouquets and I have loved them all! It is such a beautiful and bold color.

*peep that GORGEOUS ring placed in the bouquet
Have I convinced you that burgundy flowers WILL NOT let you down?!?

Obviously I love me some burgundy bridal bouquets, but stay tuned for more blog posts featuring other colors! I think it is so fun to see the different arrangements of flowers and all the fun textures!

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