Getting hair and makeup done can make the biggest difference! Whether it is for a photo shoot, prom, or your Wedding....

Hair and Makeup Gallery

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Hair and Makeup


Bridal Hair and Makeup: $350
○Includes trial and wedding day services

Additional people in wedding party: $150

*I am a single artist and am only able to take on approximately 6 services per party

The Difference in Professional Makeup

○properly applied makeup will reflect light in the right places, emphasizing your best features!
○professionals know what products will look best and help prevent shine on your face
○professional makeup typically lasts longer and will hold up from start to finish. professional makeup is made to withstand long hours, sweat, and tears!
○less Photoshop. This is beneficial for you and the photographer. less time spent in Photoshop means quicker turnaround!

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Preparing for your Hair and/or Makeup appointment with 

here are a few things that I recommend doing in the days and weeks leading up to your appointment
1- drink plenty of water and try to eat as healthy as possible 
2- cleanse and apply moisturizer to your face twice daily
3- always use sunscreen
4- get a facial

when you come to your appointment please do the following:
1- clean and dry hair
2- clean makeup free face
3-bring any inspo photos (feel free to send them in advance)

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