Favorite Photography Locations Near Phoenix

Moving to a new place is always a fun but challenging thing. As a photographer I find locations that I eventually fall in love with. Surroundings and light are alwasy the first thing i look for in a location.

I’ve lived in several different states and some are easier than others to find my favorite locations.

When I moved to Arizona the struggle I was having was that all the “good” locations seemed to be so far away. I was so spoiled when I lived in Utah because I had so many incredible places rught at my fingertips!

Now that i have been in Arizona for a couple of years (specifically the Phoenix area) I have found some “go-to” spots. Locations that i know photograph beautifully. Whats great??? They all have a little bit of a different look. AND each loaction changes just a little based on the season!

I’ve come to accept that most locations that are totally epic are a solid 45-60 minutes from where I live. Take a look at my favorites below. Which one do you like the best?

1- Lost Dutchman State Park

Superstition Mountain makes THE MOST BEAUTIFUL background!

Something I love about this area is that there are some nice, more groomed trails but, you can also venture a little bit and get some more “natural” looking areas.

2– Salt River

I just love everything about this location. Kids love climbing around on the rocks, so they don’t even feel like they are stuck doing a “boring photo session”

3- Riparian Preserve

When you look up “Riparian Preserve” you will most likely see pictures from this area. The thing I love about Riparian Preserve is that you can find so many different “looks” all within walking distance!

So now that you’ve seen my top 3 favorite locations in the Phoenix area…which one is your favorite?

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