Adventurous Alaskan Anniversary Session

Couples sessions aren’t just for recently engaged people! In fact they are perfect for so many other reasons.

1- Maybe you didn’t get to have the wedding of your dreams for whatever reason. Now is the time to document your love.

2- You’ve grown and your love has too! Document this season.

3- Celebrating a milestone…anniversary, promotion….

4- It’s just fun to have nice pictures of you and your spouse!

This couple just celebrated 15 years of marriage! Normally their photo sessions consist of chasing around toddlers, or dealing with temperamental teens. Not this one….their anniversary trip to Alaska was THE PERFECT opportunity to capture just the two of them. I feel so fortunate to have been able to tag along with them and capture this special time in their lives.

We worked on the styling for a few weeks prior to the session. We wanted to make sure the colors we picked would compliment the location, but also wanted to make sure they felt like themselves. I’d say we totally nailed it. The rust and orange tons in her skirt were the perfect POP of color. The oversized chunky cardigan was an amazing addition of texture.

I made sure to put some intentional focus on her tattoo, as it has SO much meaning behind it. There are so many details in the tattoo and has so much of their story in it.

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